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San Cora, a vacation hot-spot and prize of the Channel Islands, is hit by a mysterious blood red storm that turns its victims into an undead horde that is compelled to destroy all in its path. Duke, Gwen, and their friends are thrust into the chaotic events that the storm brings and must fight to survive. The creatures now terrorizing the island are no longer human, they are the Stricken.

Horror fiction



In Somerset, England, in the year 1356, a knight has fallen far from grace. After years of fighting for his King and losing a hand in battle, he resorts to black magic in order to save his family from the Great Pestilence.

Horror fiction/short


Martin lived a perfect life, but a dream, a vision, showed him that he wasn’t truly happy. He recruited the help of life-long friend Lily and together they tried to solve the riddle of his dreams.

General/short/literary fiction


Eleven-year-old Rudy and his mother moved to a new town far away from the city and the suburbs. Sunfield Vale was cold, quiet, and home to an ancient horror. Rudy, feeling alone and helpless, discovered this horror, but was unprepared for the events that followed and which changed his life forever.

Children's fiction/short/horror


Oh, no! That nasty cat has chased Lisa out of the alley! Will Lisa be able to find her way home? Maybe all she needs is some help from a new friend. Meanwhile, her sister Hannah is home alone with the cat just outside her door. Finding her courage is the only way she’ll learn why the cat bothers them so.

This charming story highlights the dangers of judging others by their appearance and underscores the value of family and friends.

Children's fiction